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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Where are ya'll located?

Our primary location is Crystal Lake. A HUGE enclosed oxbow quietly nestled between Downtown Jackson and Flowood. A few minutes from Pearl & Lakeland Drive.  Calm water, lots of greenery, birds, wildlife, and PLENTY of room to explore.Perfect for beginners or seasoned paddlers. 


How do we book?

We operate by appointment/reservation only. To set up your session send a text to (601) 953-7615 with your Name, Date of interest, & party size. Last minute or same day reservations are not always available so its best to book AT LEAST a day in advance. It you have a large party or need special accommodations you'll definitely need to make a reservation far ahead of time. Summer season and weekends are the busiest days so it is highly recommended to book those as early as possible. We do not accommodate walk-ups before our reserved guests, they will ALWAYS have first priority.


How long can we use the boats?

Those who have a little experience or are comfortable paddling unguided, can paddle up to 5* hours. That allows you to explore the entire area at your own pace. A guided/beginner tour session lasts an average of 1.5-2hrs. Be sure to mention whether you want to paddle alone or do a tour session when booking. There is no shuttling involved. Put in and takeout are at the same launch point, this makes the trip much easier for those looking for a quick adventure without having to commit to being on the water for hours and hours.


Are there animals?

Animal sightings are very common around this beautiful oxbow. There are many factors that will determine what kind of animals you will see. These factors include but are not limited to: The time of day, current temperature, recent rainfall, water levels, noise level of your party, the season, specific location on the river channel. These animals pose aboolutely no threat to humans. Admire them from a distance. Do not feed themTake LOTS of pictures!!!!

Is the water clean?

Yes! during our peak summer season, water quality tests are conducted weekly. Click here to view the data 

What about the weather?

This is an OUTDOOR adventure. We urge our out-of-town guests, those booking for special occasions, and those with NO EXPERIENCE  to check the forecast prior to making a reservation. We do our best to only conduct sessions only during favorable weather conditions. If there are storms, lightning, high winds, flood warnings, tornados, etc forecast for the time of your adventure, it may be canceled/rescheduled. We understand that some of you may not mind rain and risking your lives, but for the safety of our staff members, we will not have them fighting the elements on your behalf. 

If it so happens to storm/rain during your tour session it may have to be cut short and we will return to land where it is safe for you and our staff. Safety is a priority and Mississippi weather can take a turn VERY quickly. Small boats and STORMS are not a good combination. Detailed weather information is provided when booking and noted on the online waiver. Once again, safety first! 


What if we can't swim?

No worries. Kayaking with us is a SAFE and RELAXING experience. You'll be provided a life vest, paddle, sturdy kayak, and instruction. As long as you're open to a new experience and have the willingness to experience something new, you'll have an enjoyable swim-free time. Although swimming is not a requirement, be prepared to get a little wet. If you can not swim, or are not comfortable swimming, DO NOT REMOVE YOUR LIFE VEST. All persons under 12 years old MUST wear a vest at all times. We prefer ALL guests wear life vest. Safety first.

I don't know what to do, will there be someone to show us?

Yes! before every session we provide hands on instructions on what to do, what not to do, what to expect, and we even assist you with getting in and out of the kayaks. Guided sessions move at a relaxed pace with breaks along the route. Your instructor will be close enough for you to feel comfortable but far enough to where you'll have your own personal space to explore and paddle in peace. 

We have kids. Can they come?

Yes! typically kids ages 9 years old and up can paddle solo in their own kayak. Kids tend to be better paddlers than most adults because they are fearless and love new experiences. Smaller kids that cannot physically paddle a kayak along must paddle in a tandem with an adult. Smaller kids, 3 or 4 years of age and under can sit in a single kayak close to a parent if space permits. From our experience children 2* and under do not enjoy sitting in a kayak for an extended period of time. They require lots of attention and snacks. If your toddler loves the outdoors, please, bring them for an adventure!!

How much is it?


$35/ Single Kayak

$65/ tandem kayak

Click here to see the difference between a single and tandem kayak!



Is there a weight limit?

Yes! We have a wide variety of kayaks to accommodate guests. To safely and comfortably accommodate all of our guests we do ask that you are honest about your weight and height so that we can adequately serve you. Majority of our kayaks can comfortably seat a single person up to 250lbs. We have other  kayaks available that can comfortably seat a single person up to 275 lbs. We have few  kayaks that can seat a single person up to 300lbs*. Please let us know when booking if any guest is close to or exceeds 250lbs so we can ensure that we have the appropriate equipment available for your arrival. Kayaks are much smaller than canoes so being comfortable and safe while paddling is important. Your comfort is important to us.  Kayaks come in all sizes and widths. A 6ft'5in  250lb man and a 5ft4in 250lb woman would need different accommodations due to their dimensions. The more information your provide the better we can accommodate you! 


Do you have gift cards?

Yes, It's the same process as making a reservation! You tell us how many guests you would like to cover/pay for, you pay online via our online portal, and we send you a fun custom e-gift card that you can text, email, or print out for the recipient! You can add a fun message to put on the e-certificate as well They can book whenever they're ready. Or you can take the less custom route and click this link :

We have a LARGE group, can you accommodate us?

We can! We have lots of kayaks. If you have a summer program, family reunion, team building activity, sorority/frat gathering and want to have a great time, contact us in advance so that we can block off an afternoon for your large party. Accommodating large parties takes more manpower and staff members to safely and efficiently accommodate big parties, so its best to book well in advance so that we can ensure we can have the available resources for you! If your group is EXTREMELY large we can break the party into smaller groups that can explore the water, while the others hangout on the park grounds to fellowship, picnic, grill etc... If your group has lots of TINY CHILDREN. There must be an appropriate adult to child ratio seeing as small children cannot physically paddle alone and we only have a limited number of tandem kayaks. We can set up a custom rate/package for your large party. 

Can we fish from the kayaks?

Yes, bring your own rod, reel, and bait!

How old?

You must be at least 18 years of age to make a reservation. Minors must have parental consent and a waiver completed by a guardian as the primary participant. Minors without adults present will NOT be allowed to book a solo/unguided session. 

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