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What is a single kayak?

A single kayak has one seat. We have different styles of single kayaks. Sit-on & sit-in kayaks both styles are very comfortable and very stable. Our single kayaks have a safe capacity of 250 lbs. We have a few single kayaks that can accommodate up to 325 lbs. A single kayak can seat an adult and a toddler with ease. Single kayaks have room/storage for a book bag or lunchbox. A very large or oversized cooler won't fit. When booking we assume all persons want a single kayak unless stated otherwise.Its important to note if any guest is close to over the safe operating weight. Standard rental rate: $35/kayak

What is a tandem kayak​?

Tandem means two. Tandem kayaks have 2 seats. Tandem kayaks are great for couples, families with younger kids, or adults with a big cooler.

Check out the photos. Tandem kayaks can safely seat many combinations of kids, adults, pets, or gear. Our tandem kayaks have a safe capacity of 475 lbs. One person can easily paddle a tandem kayak if you have a partner that is unable to physically paddle themselves.

Tandem seating combinations:

2 adults

2 adults + small child

1 adult + 2 small children

1 adult + large cooler

2 adults + book bags

It's important to note if you are reserving a tandem when booking as they are limited. Comfort is key. If you have really long/larger legs or small kids with long legs, you may not be able to have an additional small child seated with you due to limited space. Standard rental rate: $60/tandem

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