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Rental & Tour Rates

Rental Rates are per boat. All equipment and safety gear provided.

Guided-tour floats: A tour averages 1.5 -2hrs*. We provide assistance from start to finish showing you paddle techniques, wildlife, islands, and areas you probably would not be comfortable exploring alone. Great for families, beginners, and those who want a 5 star adventure with a highly rated and knowledgeable tour guide!


Solo/ self guided floats: can paddle alone up 5hrs*. Suited for those who are outgoing and ready to tackle an adventure. Minimal experience required, you will be alone, unassisted and can explore at your own pace! 


$35/Single Kayak  

$65/Tandem kayak 

Tap here to learn more about single and tandem kayaks

Be sure to specify which type of kayak you'd like to reserve when booking.

Also let us know if you have any small children or weigh more than 230lbs.


10% discount for families and groups making one consolidated payment with a credit or debit card.

Not applicable for individuals, cash payments, multiple transactions, or late arrivals. 3 boat minimum.


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