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Guided Tour | 1.5-2hrs*

Our guided tours are geared towards those with minimal to no experience, no swimming skills (not required), or are just too nervous to experience a new adventure alone. 


You receive assistance from start to finish. Pre-trip instruction, entry & exit assistance and your guide will even snap up a few adventure photos of you at your request!


The our guided sessions will build your confidence. They are a LOT of fun for families, couples, work groups, dates, and  social outings. 


You have plenty of space to paddle at your own pace and still have lots of peace and solitude  with the comfort of knowing there is someone there to assist when needed.


Once you're comfortable you have the option to paddle ahead or stay in your comfort zone. 


You must arrive 15 minutes early for check-in. We will not hold a tour session longer than 10 minutes past the scheduled start time, because that directly impacts the other guests that have arrived on time. If you are late or a no-show you will forfeit your reservation.


Solo/Self-guided Session

Don't need any instructions and want go out alone? 


You can paddle at your leisure up 5hrs*. This is suited for those who are outgoing and ready to tackle an adventure. Minimal experience required, you will be alone, unassisted and can explore at your own pace! Let us know if you if you want to float solo!


This is a great option for those who have a bit of  kayaking experience and don't want to paddle with the slow beginner groups. 


Great for fishing, meditation, or day trips. You have the option to start off with the tour group and break away at any time.


You'll still receive all the safety equipment and assistance with entry. You have the luxury of the freedom of exploration. You can arrive before the beginner tour groups and skip the check-in waiting lines! Please arrive early* so that we can adequately accommodate you. Check in staff departs with the tour group, so if you're late you may miss your check in :(




What is a single kayak?

A single kayak has one seat. We have different styles of single kayaks. Sit-on & sit-in kayaks both styles are very comfortable and very stable. Our single kayaks have a safe capacity of 250 lbs. We have a few single kayaks that can accommodate up to 325 lbs. A single kayak can seat an adult and a toddler with ease. Single kayaks have room/storage for a book bag or lunchbox. A very large or oversized cooler won't fit. When booking we assume all persons want a single kayak unless stated otherwise.Its important to note if any guest is close to over the safe operating weight. Standard rental rate: $35/kayak

What is a tandem kayak​?

Tandem means two. Tandem kayaks have 2 seats. Tandem kayaks are great for couples, families with younger kids, or adults with a big cooler.

Check out the photos. Tandem kayaks can safely seat many combinations of kids, adults, pets, or gear. . One person can easily paddle a tandem kayak if you have a partner that is unable to physically paddle themselves.


Tandem seating combinations:

2 adults

2 adults + small child

1 adult + 2 small kids

1 adult + large cooler

2 adults + book bags


It's important to note if you are reserving a tandem when booking as they are limited. Comfort is key. If you have really long or larger legs, you may not be able to have an additional small child seated with you due to limited space. Standard rental rate: $65/tandem



Complimentary items

During the summer, we make  an effort to keep complimentary bug spray, sunscreen and, sun visors available for guests. It's recommended that you bring your own in the event these complimentary items are in short supply. There are on-site restrooms as well take advantage of them before you check-in

Family & Group Discounts

10% discount for families or groups making one consolidated payment with a credit or debit card.

 Not applicable for individuals, cash payments, or multiple transactions. 3 boat minimum.

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